Who we are

HomeWork Consult is a Nigerian-based multi-faceted company providing Architectural and Project Management solutions to the African market, with projects in Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia, and Senegal.

We have been in operation for 15 years and over this time frame, we have been engaged to execute varying degrees of architectural and project management consultancy on projects which include but are not limited to sectors such as residential, institutional, hospitality, agricultural, recreation, religious and commercial/retail sectors.

Our company’s tagline which is “creative solutions outside the box” encompasses all we are and hope to achieve. HomeWork Consult has contributed valuably to the industry by masterminding and engineering trailblazing creative solutions to the architectural needs of our clientele.


HomeWork Consults’ mission is to create significant value in the architecture industry by developing practical, sustainable, safe, and unique design concepts for structures and actualizing those concepts into images, plans, and eventual execution. These become the blueprint for private and commercial building projects that are tailored to meet the needs of the target market who utilize them.


To create solutions that stand out and meet the design and implementation needs of our clientele in all ways by employing the competence of professionals in all levels of implementation.

Core Values

We have core values that have kept us standing tall for 15 years and they include;


H –  honesty

O –  organization

M – meticulous

E –  excellence

S – sustainability

Honesty; honesty is a by-product of integrity. In order to maintain the integrity of our company, we must be honest with our clients on what routes to take or not in the actualization of their designs.

Organization; is the bedrock of our company. We have time-proven procedures in place to help in the efficient execution of projects.

Meticulous; attention to detail is our watchword. We meticulously take note of the minutest detail to deliver the perfect design and execution.

Excellence; we aim for excellence always and we achieve this by skillfully executing designs with innovative and creative techniques to deliver a state-of-the-art finished project amidst excellent customer service.

Sustainability; By paying rapt attention to the environment while we balance social and economic factors in our design process. We consistently consider the future and how these designs can play a significant sustainable role.

The Process

HomeWork Consult employs and partners with skilled professionals to offer a comprehensive Architectural consultancy service end to end.

We offer an effective supervision service throughout every stage of the project after the tender process and the appointment of the contractors. This supervision service ranges from site visits to full-time residency depending on the preference of the client. Our services are tailor-made to suit the needs of each client.

We assign a minimum of one director to every stage of the project.

HomeWork Consult billing is based on either a percentage of the construction cost or a time charge. These fees are exclusive of reimbursable expenses such as printing, traveling, hotels, etc.

Our process of work incorporates obtaining a detailed brief at the initial stage from the clients. This will be followed by a site visit to survey the area for key surrounding factors that can enhance or limit the design. This is very important to ensure the actualization of every successful project.

Concept sketch designs are then presented for the approval of the client. Once designs are approved, construction information is generated and relevant tender and construction documents are presented.

Finally, will be the main task of supervising the construction works by assigning and leading the entire team of professionals from the groundbreaking stage to full execution with a follow-up on a 6-month defect liability period and 2 rainy seasons for the roof to ensure snags are properly attended to while in use.